About the Business


After practicing law for a while, I came to the realization that all I really love to do is write.   So I left the big downtown high-rise office and started my own legal writing business.  I always thought there was something special about the memorial nature of writing — something about the act of committing words to the four corners of a page — that just adds an extra tinge of reverence to otherwise fleeting sentiments.  For me, these lofty ideals conjured images of the proverbial quill and parchment — and all the age and wisdom and formality they represent.  Drag that reverie’s feet back down to the ground, and you get my current business moniker, “QP Legal.”

Lawyers hire me to write their briefs for them because they don’t have the time, the interest, the will, or the writing-specific skills to draft them on their own.  If an attorney needs me to, I can do all the legal research, planning, drafting, formatting, editing, proofing, revisions, and file-preparation myself.  On the other hand, I also do legal editing — offering lawyers a fresh set of eyes to tighten up their own work product before filing the final draft with the courts.  One of my favorite services is legal writing seminars and continuing legal education courses.  I enjoy teaching lawyers and law students, and I’ve gotten great feedback on the interactive illustrations and practice exercises included in my presentations.  Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss in more detail how QP Legal might be able to help your firm, your fresh-out-of-law-school associates, or your aspiring lawyers looking to soon pass the bar.


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