About the Blogger

Hi!  My name is Tiffany Johnson.   My parents didn’t put “Esquire” on my birth certificate, so I don’t include that in my name like many lawyers do.  I am indeed a lawyer, all the same.  I’m a proud native of Memphis, Tennessee in the USA.  But in my relatively short lifetime, I’ve lived in several states and traveled across the nation and the world. While earning my BA in English at the University of Miami (Florida), I had the opportunity to study English Literature at Oxford University in England.  After undergrad, I attended the Charles Hamilton Houston Law School Preparatory Institute, where I was recognized as “Best Appellate Advocate” in the program’s moot court competition.  That was the first time I really took seriously whether I stood any chance in the big, bad field of law.

I went on to graduate from the Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C.  During law school, I clerked for Temple Law Offices, a small firm specializing in race discrimination and civil rights.  It was there, under the tutelage of Mr. Donald Temple, that my general love of language was fine-tuned for the highly-specialized world of litigation.

After law school, I practiced law at the Cochran Firm in Memphis, Tennessee, focusing primarily in the areas of negligence, discrimination, and governmental abuses of power.  But before that, I taught English, journalism, speech/debate, legal studies, and writing courses in public high schools in Memphis and Miami.  I also tutored college students in academic essay writing.

As a young litigator, I was always anxious to write motions or appellate briefs.  However, I was surprised to discover how many lawyers either hated writing or just didn’t consider themselves to be terribly good at it (or both).  My colleagues soon noticed my emerging niche, and I found myself serving as an unofficial “go-to-person” for all things written.  I actually looked forward to other lawyers’ requests for assistance with writing projects; and before long, legal writing all but consumed my law practice.  Ultimately, I decided to purge myself of other aspects of law practice and simply write full time; and my company, QP Legal, was born!  Now, all I do is write for lawyers and edit lawyers’ writing.  After wading through the diverse styles of many lawyers in many fields, I’ve seen my fair share of dynamic persuasion — and frightfully bad habits — in legal writing.  I decided to use this blog to help lawyers learn from their own triumphs and downfalls with the dreaded written word.


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