Some people think the semicolon is a redundant punctuation mark, since it technically functions in nearly the same manner as a period (with the exception of its use to separate items in a complex series).  I personally like semicolons, and I do use them — but only in the very narrow circumstances where it’s appropriate.  But if the British Royal Family can’t figure out how to properly use a semicolon, then maybe it’s safer to just stick with periods.  This photo was taken at historic Kensington Palace in London a few days ago:

Sign Posted at Kensington Palace in London

Royal Family Botches Use of Semicolon

Why is this semicolon misused?  Semicolons separate closely-related independent clauses (complete sentences) only.  “[E]vents that have shaped the society we live in today” is not a complete sentence.  Most grammarians would replace this semicolon with a comma; but I personally would replace it with an em dash (long hyphen).  (Sorry — had to throw in a shamelessly conspicuous semicolon somewhere in this post.)