Getting slammed with seemingly frivolous “form motions”?  Or are you the one obsessively filing them?  Here’s a not-so-subtle smack-down from Tennessee’s Court of Criminal Appeals …

Counsel also claims that his repeated motions to recuse — footnoted in every recent motion he has filed — result from his fear of waiving the issue. Given counsel’s legal experience and expertise, we view this claim to be disingenuous. Rather, we believe repetitive, rote filings of the same motion for the purpose of guarding generally against waiver border on abdication of responsibility to use professional judgment. Prolific motion practice may be justified through zealous advocacy, but such does not justify repeated motions that are wholly unnecessary when given a modicum of reasonable thought. Counsel needs to give all his assertions in his pleadings his highly capable considered judgment, not boilerplate treatment.

State v. Huskey 82 S.W.3d 297, 313 (Tenn. Crim. App. 2002)