See if you can reword these excerpts to make them tone-appropriate:

A lawyer once wrote … “The Plaintiffs are patent liars.” [Yikes! So hyperbolic!]
Might have been better to say … “The Plaintiffs’ version is not consistent with the evidence.” [Neutral, dispassionate]

A lawyer once wrote … “He doesn’t give a damn about his case.” [Yikes! So judgmental!]
Might have been better to say … “He has yet to respond to my three letters, five emails, and two voice-mail messages.” [Neutral, factual]

A lawyer once wrote … “Their expert’s so-called ‘qualifications’ are laughable.” [Yikes!  So condescending!]
Might have been better to say … “Their expert is not licensed by the American Medical Association.” [Neutral, empirical]

How would you have re-written these statements?