Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year, everyone! Hope your 2015 is full of clarity and meaning, with no splices, run-ons, or dangling participles! :-)

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Comma Drama

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Wait, so, every voter is by definition “physically disabled or … visibly pregnant or frail”?


The Dunning-Kruger Lawyer

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I recently ran across more awesomeness from Bryan Garner. (Sorry if you’re over the Garner craze. I’m a fan, even though I don’t always agree with him.) Dunning-Kruger debilitates many professions, but I’d have to agree with Garner that we lawyers are all but intellectually paralyzed by it. In pondering “Why Lawyers Can’t Write” back in March of 2013 for the ABA Journal, Garner noted: More

Legal Writing Webinar

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If anyone’s bored around lunchtime on Thursday, 9/4/14, tune in to this webinar on legal writing, hosted by the Tennessee Bar Association.  The speaker will be yours truly! :-)

Would You Like Salt on That Crow?

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Antonin ScaliaSo, the Honorable Justice Antonin Scalia — renown legal genius and reigning undisputed heavyweight champion of biting rhetorical snark — has now been reduced to making clandestine corrections to one of his famously condescending dissents.  I realize this is old news now, but I’m posting it mostly as a word of simultaneous warning and relief to my students and to fellow lawyers. More

New Position, New Challenge


I am excited to announce that I’ve now been appointed as the new Coordinator of the Paralegal Studies Program at the University of Memphis!  In addition to teaching up to four classes per semester, my duties now include student recruitment, curriculum development, course scheduling, representing the Program both on internal committees and in community outreach, and ensuring that the Program is staffed with top-quality adjunct faculty members. And of course, I’ll still be writing legal briefs for QP Legal and teaching CLEs as always.  So it looks like I’ll be quite a busy little bee!  Wish me luck!

What’s in a Sandwich?

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This is just proof that lawyers will fight over anything.  I love it. More

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